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         We have launched Job work . Net on year of 2003 an exclusive JOBWORK  Under taker Directory Website portal  for an Apparel, Garment, Hosiery and Textiles Job work Under Takers Directory List. Its 100 % Free information site for Garment Exporters, Manufacturers and Apparel, Garment, Hosiery & Textiles Manufacturers.



It's covers Following Job work Undertaker Directories List.
1. Imported Circular & Flat Knitting Machines, 2.Computer Embroidery, 3. Yarn Dealers, 4. Compacting, 5. Soft flow Dyeing, 6. Yarn Dyeing, 7. Raising, 8. Rotary Printing, 9. GARBER Automatic Cutter Machine Etc.,

Jobwork.NET is the India's First 100 % Free Website portal carrying complete Job work source for the garment and garment related processes.

We strongly believe that Jobwork.NET will be a bridge to connect Job work Undertaker and the Garment Exporters. We hope that right information at the right time, and displayed in the right way.


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